GASP chairman comments on Parade

Well, what can I say?  Brilliant!  A fantastic turnout, particularly given the threat of a soaking from heavy rain and the rumours put about suggesting that the decision was a done deal and so inferring there was no need to turn up.

The whole event was brilliantly organised, marshalled, orchestrated and executed – from the pre-event signs that appeared around the area (the ‘White Elephant’ sign on the road into Marlow from the A404 caught my eye on the drive home on Friday night!); the buzz from the downloadable elephant masks;  through to the on the day signage (there was no doubt where it was being held); the marshalling was excellent; provision  of banners/signs, etc. masterful and the end piece of having a mobile platform with a p.a. that worked made it an incredibly professional and effective event.

Throw in the stalwart efforts of Michael Mouse and the White Elephants, the people who distributed leaflets and collected signatures and the many others who were obviously working behind the scenes to ensure everything came together so well made it a day to remember.

The coverage on BFP’s website has been really good – an article plus a video news item gave a pretty good representation of the event.  I see fellow GASP’ers have been beavering away already on putting details on the website/blog and the Liberals have already posted details of the event.  Social Media is certainly paying dividends with local MP Steve Baker retweeting one of the BFP articles and talking about “democratic participation”.  I can see the BFP articles are kicking off plenty of feedback too.

Anyway thought I’d just say an absolutely massive THANK YOU to everybody who contributed to making the day so successful.  Like the old parable of a swan, I’m sure that the smooth running of the event was accompanied by an awful lot of hard work behind the scenes.  All I can say is…it’s appreciated!


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  1. John Barlow says:

    The parade demonstrated with absolute clarity that the “silent majority” are totally opposed to the Stadium Proposals. Let local politicians dwell on this fact: WE DO NOT WANT THIS STADIUM.
    I have no intention of being “political” but where were our local Councillors? I spotted and spoke to 2 Lib Dems and 1 UKIP. At least we know where they stand. Surprisingly I saw not one Labour Councillor at the event; is this because (if the Cabinet defies public opinion and goes ahead with the Stadium) the newly elected Labour Councillors are having second thoughts and are considering supporting the Stadium?
    This would be a travesty and betrayal of the many, many voters that voted Labour believing that they would oppose the Stadium.

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