The cabinet decision!!

After a debate at Wycombe District Council Offices  tonight  the Cabinet Voted in favour of Option 1:

End the scheme

WDC stops work on the Wycombe Air Park plans. This ends the scheme.

We have a victory!


And a massive thank you to all those who donated, who supported us and who demonstrated be it last Saturday or out in the cold and wet earlier in the year.

And do feel free to add to the comments!

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36 Responses to The cabinet decision!!

  1. John Langford says:

    An all too rare victory for common sense. Wycombe keeps an important resource employing skilled professionals instead of part- time jobs for eastern europeans selling burgers and beer. Plus a bunch of arrogant, machiavelian property shysters ( posing as sports enthusiasts) who thought they could blag a small local council get one in the eye. Sweet.

  2. Sally Harvey says:

    Huge, massive and glorious congratulations to the great GASP team!
    I cannot thank you enough for championing the cause of so many good, honest and decent people. Thank you, thank you for all the time you have devoted to GASP.
    I’m so pleased that the right decision has been made this evening. It’s a miraculous result but the RIGHT result for too many reasons to list (hear hear John Langford!).
    I suggest we hold a big celebration at Booker Airfield or a street party on Claymoor Park!

    • LittleMissus says:

      Sally I think a party at the Air Park is a fantastic idea, especially if those cakes are included!!! A final gathering for GASP to organise? Complete with Mickey Mouse and Nelly the Elephant! Brilliant news everybody, thank you to all of you who bothered to stand and fight!

  3. Nils says:

    This is the best news I have heard for a long time ! Many thanks to GASP and all involved.

  4. Tony Revell says:

    Well done Gasp great result thanks for all your hard work.

  5. Nicola says:

    Many, many congratulations to those in GASP. Without you all I don’t think this would have happened. I will think of you next time I see those glorious gliders circling around Booker and my grandson will grow up seeing them too. Well done!

  6. Jane says:

    Such a relief for the gliding club and for all others whose lives would have been affected by this monstrous scheme. Well done GASP for a brilliant campaign.

  7. Sue Theobald says:

    Well done and thank you gasp for all you have done.

  8. Sue says:

    Well done and thank you.

  9. Ros Shorrocks says:

    Thank you to everyone involved in GASP for your hard work and resolve. People tried to tell me that it was a waste of time to protest, that it was a “done deal” but I believed in our system of democracy and the power of the people. Thank you for proving me right.

  10. Emma says:

    A truly wonderful result thanks to GASPS tireless campaigning and the commitment of local residents who understood the impact of destroying an airfield and 240 acres of green belt land. Well done.

  11. steve winfield says:

    what be said that hasnt already been said? a marvellous result,thanks to each and every one !!!!

  12. Neil Hillier says:

    Congratulations to everyone. Only in success do I realise how much I was doubting we’d have a victory tonight. Great to see you all on Saturday, and many, many thanks to all those organisers that got so heavily involved, campaigning and building public interest.
    You are all great!

  13. Marcus Wood says:

    Thanks to Gary and all the team at GASP for leading the protests. Alex Collingwood’s devastating critique tonight summed up all the arguments GASP have been raising this entire time. As a WWFC fan we face an uncertain future due to our financial situation, but we do still have our stadium which this proposal would have simply handed away.

  14. Laura says:

    Am on my holiday, and therefore couldn’t join the White Elephant Parade … But have been keeping up to date with developments …

    This is a well deserved, perfectly correct, victory!

    Huge thanks to GASP. Without them, who knows where we would be.

    Thanks GASP, and everyone who contributed, no matter how small.


  15. John Barlow says:

    Some of us have turned up at a meeting or two, attended a demo or two and rightly feel that we’ve contributed to a great victory.
    What we haven’t seen is the enormous amount of work that Gary and the GASP committee have put into making this possible. I imagine that ever since the proposals were first aired they have ate, slept, talked and dreamed of how to campaign against the stadium and we should all salute them for their leadership and sheer hard work. “Thank You” doesn’t seem to be very much to say but from all of us these words are the most heartfelt. Thank You.

  16. Penny Francis says:

    Brilliant outcome, Thank you all you GASP’ers, I know how much time you have all given to the cause. Thanks also to Alex Collingwood and his cabinet members.

  17. Laura says:

    I second John Barlow.

  18. matt clarke says:

    Thanks to all involved from the start. From the first leaflet hand out at the bottom of Hillbottom Road to when all the groups united.

    Well done to all. We may have more fights to come following this decision.

  19. Dave says:

    Great news! Thank you for all your hard work!

  20. Jenny says:

    Why are you celebrating the loss of 400 jobs in our area of high unemployment and the loss of affordable housing in an area where the age profile shows that many of our young people are leaving? Surely this isn’t a victory. Victory would be finding somewhere suitable for the stadium so that it could go ahead, subject to the proper controls.

    • Gary Nuttall says:

      Hi Jenny, which 400 jobs are going to be lost? The businesses at the Air Park currently employ around 250 people who today are breathing a sigh of relief that their jobs are no longer threatened. The WDC/IPW Business Case talked about the ‘potential’ for 400 jobs to be created. Are you suggesting that it’s better for 250 people to actually lose their jobs in the hope that there may, possibly, at some time in the future, be jobs created?

      The demographic trend for the area is that the average age is indeed increasing. Do you not think that this could be because people move here because of its existing amenities and beautiful countryside and then stay? I know many people who moved here because they like the area and they’ve put down roots and now have young families who’re growing up in the area too. I’m certainly one of them!

      In terms of the outcome of “finding somewhere for the stadium”, I believe that’s been done. It’s called Adams Park. It offers plenty of capacity to cope with expected attendance increases plus there’s an opportunity for it to be further developed. If it’s still not sufficient then it is for the Clubs to seek an alternative that is, as you state “subject to the proper controls”. Green Belt Policy is one of those important controls and it was recognised by the Council last night that the proposal to build a stadium on Wycombe Air Park would not have passed the necessary tests.

      • Jenny says:

        Hi Gary,

        I’ll refer you to my reply to Clarion below, but I don’t agree that Adams Park is the right place for the stadium. There’s no room there for development and there is only one access road as opposed to the four or five in the proposed stadium plan. And it must be hell for the people who live along the road leading up to Adams Park everytime there’s a match.

        I don’t agree that the stadium plan was purely about the clubs either – granted that the clubs owner was behind it, but the creation of a large number of new jobs and of affordable housing and extra sporting facilities make it more than a rugby and football issue.

        • Jo Donachie says:

          Glad you noted “it must be hell for thos who live along that road at match time”. Exactly. An airpark stadium would simply have shifted that hell to a different group of people. 5 access roads to the new stadium?? That was a really misleading statement. 4 of them feed straight onto the single Lane End road, already busy and already starting to blight the lives of those who live on it and who have chosen a rural, not an urban lifestyle.

          • Jenny says:

            Jo – I think you’re missing my point. The proposed new stadium might not have been the solution but the Adams Park Stadium isn’t the answer either.

            What I’m trying to say is that there was more to the stadium proposal than the sporting facilities – there were new jobs and affordable housing, both of which Wycombe District (Marlow, Princes Risborough, Bourne End, Lane End etc, etc) desperately need.

            Those have gone with the decision to stop work on the stadium proposal and I don’t think GASP can really claim victory until a solution is found which delivers those as well. A review of existing sporting facilities won’t do that. GASP has done a great job but you could use all your passion and energy to help find a solution that suits the whole district. Until then you only have a hollow victory, not something to celebrate.

  21. clarion says:

    Jenny, you’re right in saying that we need to be sensitive to the football and rugby fans and the fact the WWFC and London Wasps are facing an uncertain future. Certainly members of GASP have already agreed that we’ll do all we can to support the fans and see if we can help them in any way find a suitable outcome to their difficulties.

    As regards the jobs – if the stadium scheme had gone ahead, 300 skilled jobs would have been lost at the air park, and not just in aviation, there are photographers, engineers and other many other businesses based there.

    Affordable housing is of course an issue, but to my mind at least, sacrificing Green Belt land just because it’s more convenient to build on rather than developing real brownfield sites, is not the way to go.

  22. Jenny says:

    Hi Clarion.

    I’m not sure where the loss of 300 skilled jobs at the air park comes from – I haven’t seen this figure before – but it’s still less than the number that would have been created by the stadium. Young people are leaving our area because of the lack of jobs suitable for them and because housing is unaffordable. My children are a case in point. The jobs created at the stadium would have been ideal for their age group – and they are our future!

    Please don’t get me wrong – I don’t necessarily think that building on green belt is the answer – and I’ll put my hand up here and admit that I’m as great a nimby as anyone else (and unhappy about the route of HS2 but that’s a different issue). But I don’t think that claims of victory are appropriate until we have all the advantages that the stadium would have brought to the district available elsewhere. I think that GASP has only done half the job.

  23. Valerie Pendle says:

    The problem of young people having to move out of the area due to housing costs and employment is not new,i married nearly forty years ago and we had to do the same thing for the same reasons.We managed to find our way back in the end for all the reasons Gasp and fellow minded folk stopped this development going ahead for,eg area of outstanding natural beauty.
    The feeling at last nights meeting was to consult local residents about better facilities for everyone but not in this area,so there will be the same chances of work creation etc as there would be if the development had gone ahead.
    Let us all be happy and move forward to stop any more money being wasted on pie in the sky ideas.
    Thank you all.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Valerie,

      I moved into this area in 1987 with a young family for the same reasons that you moved back. But my children have now grown up and, along with others of their generation, don’t have the opportunities that were available when we moved here so they have to leave. That’s why I think GASP has only done half a job.

      Please don’t misunderstand me – I fully appreciate what GASP has achieved. But I do feel that all that energy could now be harnessed into making sure that the area doesn’t lose the same chances of work creation and affordable housing as there would have been if the development had gone ahead. That would be a true victory.

  24. R Lawton says:



    Regards All

    and Well Done.

  25. Anthony Miller says:

    I hope in lieu of this they build a massive prison there, a real dangerous one!

    • metadr says:

      Well we might get away with the name Groups Against Prison Proposals (GAPP) as it isn’t in direct competition with the High St brand and we would have a double ‘P’.

      Hope away Anthony, let it occupy your all your time. Dream of it if you wish. Best of luck.

  26. R Lawton says:

    Anthony who’s to say they didn’t want a containment facility but chose to call it a stadium

  27. Simon says:

    I think the fat lady was the icing on the Elephant cakes.

    Well done to all those who’ve campaigned and thanks to all GASP members for their time and effort, however great or small. Team effort, team GASP.


  28. R Lawton says:

    A cabinet decision

    It is possable for a planning application to be made on ground not belonging to the applicant, and as WDC have paided for such an application were it to be made how can we be assured WDC might not change its mind.

    I like the sound of Guidance About Stupid Proposals.

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