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  1. onepan says:

    I find rugby boring to watch. Low turn out figures appear to prove I am not alone.
    How many business men would seek to double their productive capacity when they can only use half or a third of what they possess? From my experience those who tried that gamble are no longer with us.
    The object of the green belt is to keep it free from development. It is not a verdict on the beauty of the land in question. Would our Council wish to build houses on the Booker site normally? No. Professional Sport is a business. You may like it or not but it is about making money. If the Council wants to invest my money in a business I would want better prospects than a possible loser. How many of us will ever get to play football or rugby at a higher level ? Very few of us. Spend available monies on sport and recreation for the many and let professional sport finance its own way. Councillors come and go but the decisions they make go down the line. As we the council tax payers are going to have to foot the bill is it not right that we get to vote on it.

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