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This spotted today. Lovely stuff!

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White Elephant Mask

White Elephant Mask complete

Remember there’s still time to download and make this White Elephant Mask prior to the Parade on the 16th. It’s very quick and easy to create and will only add to the fun.

Download the PDF via the link below.


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WSDL turns up the spin machine

GASP was pleased at the release of more details of the stadium project from WSDL, as it gives us a better opportunity to show how skewed the focus of the PR has been and point out the yet more errors and misleading claims.

Analysis is ongoing by the strategists at GASP, I’ll just give a quick precis though:

We all recognise it as a distraction exercise and an attempt to gain as much support as possible by ignoring the real issues and spewing out meaningless puff and pretty pictures.

And even the picture was ridiculous – the runway went off the edge of the site!

Air operations
Speaking of the runway, there’s no way that would get through. Both runways are shorter than the current one, one is too close to the motorway, the other would mean taking off over Lane End. There’s no protection fences between the runway and football and they’d have to be extensive, vertical and overhead – on these plans, the goal is 50m from the runway!

Other reports we’ve had, though, suggest that there is no intention of keeping the aircraft – a helicopter base is much more likely

Green Belt
The PR has completely avoided the Green Belt issue. ‘La la la, what Green Belt?’ The artists impressions also failed to show the 2500 parking places covering the site (but putting in ‘greencrete’ concrete hexagons where tufts of grass can poke through) means they can still claim it as ‘Green Belt’.

However, in the WWFC meeting the words ‘potential of 200 acres’ was mentioned several times, thus confirming that they want the whole site for the stadium development (not the 40 acres or whatever that WDC claimed)

Community benefits
– The community sports side of things is very much glossed over. Vague claims that there will be ‘significant space for community facilities’ says to me that it’s far from being a priority as they’ve not even thought about what they might be. At the WWFC meeting it was effectively said that everything there would be revenue-earners for the company – there are no free facilities. Presumably the sports facilities people really want (swimmings pools and tennis courts) don’t make much money.

– 500+ houses along with retail and commercial activities has a significant impact on traffic. The WWFC meeting said there would be a road coming from J4 running parallel to the M40. It also hyped up the 5 exits getting traffic off site quickly – but where to? Onto local roads of course. One of their proposed exits runs through AONB in Lane End.

There are also park and rides dotted all over the place, but how deliverable are these? How much is it going to cost to set them up as car parks, then how much in coaches to ferry people back and forth from all these sites?

WSDL says not, but of course there is a Plan B – to extend Toweridge Lane 200 yards to improve access to Adams Park, but WSDL is adamant there are no alternatives.

We have a detailed traffic analysis report by our own experts – if anyone wants to see it, let me know.

24-7 venue
The WWFC meeting effectively said as much. There’d also be ‘night training’ meaning floodlight pollution for local residents

Reference data wrong
WSDL says 1 in 4 adults in the Wycombe area is obese. Those are national statistics. In the very report they quote from, it says that in the Wycombe area it’s 1 in 5, significantly lower than the national average. Their unemployment figures are also wrong. That’s not to say that these aren’t very real problems in our area, just that it’s not very reassuring when asking for millions of tax-payers’ money that they get simple figures wrong! Suggestive of deliberate misleading or just incompetence?

Another interesting point – it is well documented that the strata of society that suffer most from obesity is the poor and unemployed – charging them a fortune to get themselves across town to Booker then charging them a revenue-earning fee to use any facilities is not a great incentive to exercise.

{we have references for our claims about the data, I can send you links to the reports if required}

Essentially this stadium development is looking for £25million from WDC through enabling development (selling off the land for the 506 houses), £4 million supplied by the clubs and they’re looking for around £15million from private investors.

For that investment, WDC is supposed to be getting £500k per year for the next 125 years. But whoever has heard of a stadium that has lasted 125 years?

WSDL estimates “the clubs’ combined £3m loss for last season would turn into £3.4m profit “.
London Wasps lost £3.1M last season, WWFC lost £1.2M. That comes to £4.3M, not £3M. If they can’t do basic maths, again, what hope is there for the validity of their other numbers? And anyway to go from several million losses to several million profit in a year? I don’t think so.

Hope this helps to get things in perspective!

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Dragons Dent (in Wycombe’s finances)

Here’s the next sketch in our series highlighting the bizarre claims and ridiculous assumptions surrounding the Wycombe stadium proposals.

Since this was filmed (only last week) more information has been released through the WSDL spin machine.

Still the same bizarre vague claims though – apparently Wycombe will receive ‘special benefits worth £125million over 25 years’. What on earth are ‘special benefits’? And they’d have to be pretty damn special to conjure £125million out of nowhere.

Still no mention of what these much-mooted ‘community benefits’ are going to be.

Still the same glaring errors in research – apparently 1 in 4 adults in the Wycombe area is obese. Those are national statistics. In the very report they quote from, it says that in the Wycombe area it’s 1 in 5, significantly lower than the national average. Their unemployment figures are also wrong. (That’s not to say that these aren’t very real problems in our area, just that it’s not very reassuring when asking for millions of tax-payers’ money that they get simple figures wrong! Suggestive of deliberate misleading or just incompetence?)

Still the same unrealistic projections too – apparently once Wycombe buys this stadium for WSDL, it’s going to receive £500k per year in rent for the next 125 years. Can anyone show me a stadium that has lasted 125 years?

We should say that although £80 million is mentioned in the sketch (the figure originally mooted), WSDL is ‘only’ asking now for £25million from Wycombe District Council (so that’s alright then!)


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GASP out in Marlow at the weekend

GASP was out in Marlow High St Saturday highlighting the fast approaching White Elephant Parade on the 16th. Even with all the excitement in the local paper many Malovians know nothing about the Stadium proposal and the destruction of our aviation centre of excellence. One thing that became very apparent was the people who had read the latest article in the Bucks Free Press were insulted by the use of a artists green tinted picture. The common comment was “Do they think we are stupid?”, “painting it green does not make it any ‘greener’ it’s still destruction of Green Belt”

Leaflet dropping is being carried out throughout the area to inform the local taxpayers of how much of their money has been spent so far and how they can make their voices heard. Do check for your copy of our flyer to drop through your letter box or read all about it at

GASP is already analysing the anomalies in the new statement from WSDL and have discovered some miss-truths which will be reported on in due course.

Regardless of the ‘myth buster’ statements issued by WSDL, GASP would like to assure the public it makes every effort to ensure any statement it issues is based on facts gleaned from documents in the public domain.

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If you don’t want it – Send it Packing

Send it paking

Send it packing by William

If you don’t want the White Elephant of a Stadium then attend our demonstration on 16th July – Starting at 2.00pm in the Rye.  Click for full  details to send it packing!


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The White Elephant Parade

Join our friendly demonstration in a public show of objection to the Council’s proposed Stadium development. It’ll be a family occasion.
This is the BIG one – it’s possibly our last chance to make a difference. Don’t just leave it to the others – they may all be thinking the same. It’s time to stand up and be counted. If you care – BE THERE.

2.oo pm in the Rye is the start point!

For more details, please refer to the GASP site…


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Rose Carnival – Marlow Bottom

The GASP team were at the Rose Carnival at Marlow Bottom on Saturday to continue their efforts to inform local residents of the Stadium Plans.

The stand was really popular and interest in the upcoming White Elephant Parade is growing. We’re still always amazed how few people know about the stadium plans and are shocked by what they discover.

The Raffle also proved popular draw: For just a pound – 1/3 pint of beer!  – you can win a half hour trip for three in a helicopter,   a flight in a enclosed microlite, a glider lesson  or lastly a 3 month subscription to the squash and racketball club.
It’s absolutely great value – and for a great cause. Do purchase a ticket at one of our events or email raffle@gasp-no.org and we can tell you where you can make a purchase near you.

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Check out this youtube link.

It’s the first of a series of short sketches by GASP to highlight some of the wild assumptions and ridiculous assertions WDC has put out to try and justify a new stadium at Booker. This one is based around a traffic report commissioned by the Council that suggested most people in the 600+ new houses in the enabling development would get around by bicycle as they’re so close to the amenities of Asda, John Lewis and Cressex Business Park.

Happy watching!

The transport paper can be downloaded here:


Transport Overview Report – Transport Assessment of Short-listed Sites

Page 29 is well worth reading!

Show your objection to the stadium proposals by attending the
White Elephant Parade. 2pm, The Rye, Saturday 16 July.
If you care – BE THERE!

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GASP at Marlow Bottom Rose Carnival

Don’t forget GASP will be at the Rose Carnival – Marlow Bottom this Saturday, 25 June 12:00 onwards

Come and meet the team members. Get the latest lowdown and leaflets and most important tell us where you can help.

Don’t miss out on our wonderful raffle details>>
Just £1 a ticket for:
• 1st Prize: 30 minute Helicopter flight for three people
• 2nd Prize: Flight in a fixed wing enclosed cockpit Eurostar microlight
• 3rd Prize: Private lesson in a glider at Booker Gliding Club
• 4th Prize: 3 months subscription to the Booker Squash and Racketball Club (new members only)

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